Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications

UVA Health’s Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications develops strategic marketing strategy and builds brand reputation and thought leadership to support our leadership, mission, vision, guiding principles, and ASPIRE values. We engage patients, more than 16,000 team members, the public, and the media through compelling storytelling via digital, executive, internal, and external communications; marketing and brand management; and provider relations and outreach. We are a dedicated, full-service marketing and communications support arm to all UVA Health stakeholders. See our services below and contact for your marketing and communications needs.

Marketing and Brand Management 

Marketing primarily focuses on developing strategies to build brand awareness and reputation — and/or drive patient volume through channels to address specific business objectives — while collaborating closely with other channel experts in Strategic Marketing and Communications to bring these strategies to life. 

Brand Management oversees UVA Health brand strategy — such as use of the UVA Health name, mark, and co-branding guidelines — including contractual affiliations (in partnership with legal counsel, as needed). This team works closely with Multimedia Design to ensure brand standards are followed in all applications; including management of the online brand portal. 

Digital Strategy and Engagement

Digital Strategy and Engagement is responsible for developing and implementing awareness, engagement, and acquisition strategies for UVA Health’s target audiences (e.g., patients, referring providers, faculty/staff, and student recruits). This team creates and curates content for each target audience — engaging them across key channels including our owned websites and blogs, social media, email, and video platforms.

Digital Strategy and Engagement actively manages and enhances underlying marketing technology platforms including websites, social media, email marketing, provider and location directories, customer relationship management (CRM) and provider relationship management (PRM). This team drives insights and actions through report and dashboard delivery across channels — and is a critical component of system-wide efforts to evolve our digital patient and provider experience.

Internal and Executive Communications

From posting employee stories to Connect and UVA Health Update and Connect e-newsletters — to ensuring our screensavers, LCDs, and print collateral are up to date — Internal Communications informs UVA Health team members, drives action and contributes to the overall goal of being the best place to work. This team also consults with departmental and organizational leaders across the health system to achieve communications goals and manage other channels that our team members engage with every day such as We Hear You Wednesday, video, and more. Internal Communications can help you reach multiple team members about a key initiative or change.

Executive Communications supports UVA Health leadership executives, ensuring a consistent corporate voice and message inside and outside of the organization. The team develops strategies to assist leaders in engaging and communicating effectively with 16,000+ UVA Health team members and leads and manages communications activities to support broader health system initiatives such as our 10-year One Future Together | Health and Hope for All Strategic Plan. 

Provider Relations and Outreach

Provider Relations focuses on fostering relationships with providers across Virginia to drive referrals to UVA Health. The team leverages data insights from our claims-based technology platform and internal data to inform outreach strategies, identify new opportunities, understand referral patterns, and quantify leakage. It also monitors market dynamics, competitive intelligence and service trends among providers — escalating issues and translating to referral opportunities.

Public Relations

Public Relations coordinates the flow of information from UVA Health to the public, typically through media relations activities. This team sources story content from within the organization, develops press releases and media outreach strategies, and manages inbound media inquiries to ensure qualified spokespeople are identified for appropriate engagements. Our team also seeks thought leadership opportunities for UVA Health executives to aid awareness and reputation efforts through conferences, podcast appearances, and editorial opportunities. When needed, our team also manages media inquiries and health system messaging in crisis situations so that the public is effectively informed.